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G-Suite is pretty sweet | Increase productivity with this awesome tool!

whatsgood, yo?

So let me paint you a picture. You started a business, you've been grinding hard working long hours, and made some money. Now you need some help but how do you stay organized?

If I could reach through the screen and slap you I wouldn't do that, but come on bro if Google isn't one of your first places to look what are you doing. Okay, okay you might only know them as your search engine or email provider, but Google is so much more.

They have a huge segment focused on business solutions and helping you doing work better especially if you're not a giant enterprise. Everything from Getting your name out there and being listed on the internet, to running advertisements, and of course creating the best business tools out there!

Lets look at why this is so cool

For starts be in total control. Create email addresses for your employees and have administrator control over them, Synchronize calendars and meetings without needing a masters degree like you would with outlook(Yikes!), get access to awesome HR tools and connect and hire the right people, Plus you can add more apps and customize G-Suite to work better for your specific needs. Add cool extensions and add-ons like Docusign to make paperwork faster and easier than ever.

Your productivity will go up and you'll be a bajillionaire by tomorrow. No, seriously i'm writing this from my brain implanted raspberry pi 36. It's called a time machine plebeian. OF course you can create and share everything you would need from documents with Google Docs duh. Like doing number things, making pie charts, and watching top gear? Well guess what dork there are spreadsheets to show off all your data on why your company should keep you. Tell them all about it with Google Sheets. You can also present it in a nice way full of pictures for us dummy's of the world using Google Slides.

Of course not only do we love and use G-Suite and want you to know about it, but we want to make it even better for you be giving you a discount. Here you go friends click the link below and save.

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