• Ben

Get rich Juicing? | Gig Economy

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Lime scooters just came to town and we're excited about!

We had literally just got back from St. Louis where we rode all the different scooters and right as we got back there they were gloriously lined up on sidewalks waiting to be driven(and maybe taken to the skate park).

Soon after some targeted ads came up on our social media and an idea was born.

Welcome to the Gig Economy segment.

We'll be testing out different gig jobs to see how they do at making us money and we'll tell you all about it. If you have anything thing you'd like to hear about us doing for gigs such as uber, grub hub, fiver, and more let us know down below!

Alright so first things first you have to be accepted as a Lime Juicer before you can even begin.

Unlike something like Uber and the Uber Driver app the Lime app transforms into either the Juicer version and the rider version, either letting you "pickup" or "Scan to ride".

Actually making money can be a challenge though. You see there are only so many scooters to go around and we found that they average about $2-4 dollars each to charge. You can also expect to spend at least an hour for your money from getting the scooter to bringing it somewhere to charge to getting up and dropping it off in time to get paid. So with that being said you really have to make it worth your time and charge as many scooters as you can. We went out early and saw people unloading scooters by the truck bed full.

Truck full of Limes

So if you're going to make any money you're going to have to be competitive, as well as have a vehicle that you can transport multiple scooters.

Now let's break some math down. https://www.reddit.com/r/limejuicer/comments/af006r/solved_how_much_does_it_cost_to_charge_a_scooter/

Let say you manage to pick up 20 scooters in a night at $4 each. So $80 for charging these bad boiiis up. Well you probably spent about two hours gathering, charging, and redistributing. So $40 an hour isn't too bad! The hardest part about this gig is enough chargers and the ability to safely do it on a massive scale. Each charger costs about $8 about your discount if I'm not mistaken. so you'll have to work off about about your first two night before you can start making profit.

All in all if you can be ready to pickup when Lime lets you and you have access to lots go charging capabilities then it's a pretty good gig and you could easily make it part of your routine and really cash in on this.