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You can do more with Square

Starting a business is a daunting task that has the potential to be extremely rewarding. However, there are a lot of things to take into consideration and to figure out when starting a business. Each week we're going to cover a different tool that could potentially help your business grow and help you make money! We understand that businesses come in all kinda of shapes and sizes and use different platforms so we'll be covering a variety of tools that hopefully most everyone will be able to use.

One of the things you have to take into consideration when dealing with customers is how to take their money and report it. If you're more of a business that invoices clients rather than accepting money from customers in person or online we'll look at a different tool for you in another post.

Anybody can take cash, but not everybody carries cash. You can take a check, but have fun when you get one that bounces. Cards? how do you do that.

Well my dudes and dudetts that nifty white swivel ipad you've see at your local coffee shop, the little white square thing hooked into a phone at your local taco truck, and even the dude reading the numbers off your card and punching them into his phone at the flee market is all the same thing. Square.

Square is your Point of Sale (POS), Ecommerce integration, BTS, Payroll, Invoice, Delivery service, reporting and well pretty much everything you need.

Square lets you accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Apple pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay NFC, and Tap and Go.

Do more with Square. It's easy.

Square offers lots of different tools for your business.

the hardware selection pretty much hits everyone's potential needs no matter what business you run.

Square software is the icing on the cake too! Did you know there's direct integration with post mates and doordash? Check it out!

So you can see how awesome Square is and easy they make everything right? Well they have even more up their sleeve. Why not take ALL the pressure off you and let you focus on your business? After all that's why you do what you do right?

With Square you can take care of Payroll, invoices, taxes, and so much more. the tools you need to run your business found in one location with no hassle pricing, great customer service, and amazing and simple software and hardware that so many business use and love already.

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