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Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Crappy drawstrings, cheapo wannabes from Amazon, Super high quality bags but are stupid because they have no pockets STOP IT!

Listen if you're loaded get out of here this isn't for you. Straight up there a loads of super awesome high end bags. However, for all my regular peeps this is the bag for you. Whether you just want a backpack for everyday carry, you're always on the road for your job, you're a photographer or videographer, you're a student, you need a new gym bag BRO check this OUT!

Best Backpack for Students,

Best Backpack for Travelers,

Best Backpack for working professionals,

Best Backpack for Road Warriors,

Best Backpack for Gym Goers,

Best Backpack for Everyday Carry.

Students this bag can carry everything you need and you'll look so dope too!

This bag is legit and I totally love it and I love that I discovered this bag before all my friends.

I purchased this duffel backpack in both the slate and olive and they're both so awesome I can't ever decide which one I want to use.

They feature a waterproof outer pocket, a inner pocket for your books/laptop, a hidden pocket behind the straps, and the face or lid of the outer pocket is littered with pockets that are deep and versatile.

Carry everything with you

Not only can you use this as a backpack, but there are other straps you can use to also get a duffel out of the deal. That's right now you have options and style!

Also as part of what we like to do, we not only love to find the best stuff and deliver it to you but we also want to get you a discount!

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