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We hate ourselves. It is truly hard for us to put our stamp of approval on things and we wanted to carry that into this project of ours. Our mission with whatsgood is to create content that highlights what we've found that we believe is worth sharing. 

We want to share with you products and services we love and use, and we want to create a community network of people sharing with us what they think is good so we can share that with all of you. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #whatsgood and we might cover it in our next post. 

In time you'll find categories of things we've reviewed and our vision is for this to be your hub that you check first before you buy. Coming soon will be our Youtube Channel linked to here and videos embedded into each blog post we publish. By the way be sure to check out our blog.

Everything we do at whatsgood is on our free time and with our own money. While we try and stay creative and resourceful sometimes we have to pay for things personally while we are yet small. If you would like to help us out and become a patron we would appreciate that very much. If not that's okay too! We hope you enjoy what we're all about regardless.